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Persistent tethered drone from Elistair

Built for surveillance and communications

Built for permanence, built for performance

ORION is a fully automated, powerful and highly portable tethered drone system.  Designed for continuous aerial day and night surveillance over extended time periods over large areas, it is perfectly adapted for demanding  law enforcement, private security, public safety missions and military uses.

  • 10+ hours Flight Time
  • 10km Human Detection
  • 200MB/s Secure Comms
  • 80m Hovering Altitude

No pilot required

Fully Automated System

Orion is a push-button surveillance system, requiring no piloting skills nor human intervention during operation.  Controlled from smart tablet it offers intuitive interface and automated safety procedures

Powerful Vision

Robust and stable, Orion hosts a military-grade day/night surveillance camera covering wide areas

Weather resistant

Thanks to enclosed structure and its propulsion design, Orion can be used in adverse weather conditions

See better, see further

Orion cameras combine state of the art gimbal stabilization and crystal-clear imagery with low latencies thanks to the micro-tether high-speed and interference-free data transmission technology. 

Thanks to Flir and Sony leading industrial sensors, Orion surveillance cameras are the ultimate solution for persistent aerial surveillance. 

Capture and stream sharp imagery, detect, track and protect your assets.

EO/IR sensors for day and night vision capability

10km day human detection area

X30 day vision optical zoom

X4 night vision digital zoom

Orion UAS

Always Ready 

Packed into two rugged and compact cases easily carried (Safe-T station and Orion case), the tethered drone system is based on a modular design.

Orion is assembled or disassembled in a snap, no tools needed. Arms easily disconnect, maximizing compacity for transportation.

Plug your control pad to the system, select a hovering height and press launch!

Ultra Secured

Avoid interferences, jamming or hacking thanks to Orion fully secured and high-speed transmissions through Elistair micro-tether.

Based on complementary redundancies (propulsion, energy chain, IMU’s, autopilot and satellite positioning), Orion is fully automated, minimizing human errors.

The tethered drone integrates built-in fault-detection and emergency procedures, providing the highest safety during operations.

Orion includes a smart parachute system further protecting the integrity of the equipment and people nearby.

Orion UAS

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