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Live Map

Introducing Live Map:

Make Real-Time Drone Maps with Your iPhone or iPad

No SD Cards, no uploads, and no waiting. Get drone data immediately — no laptop or Internet required.

In a fast-moving world, data needs to keep up with operations. Your decisions and bottom line depend on it. That’s why the future of drone mapping is in real time. You can’t afford to wait a day — or even hours — for aerial insights.

Today DroneDeploy has announced Live Map, the first product capable of generating drone maps in real time. Live Map gives you the instant aerial insights to make better decisions in the field, on the job site, and anywhere else you need to collect drone data.

If you’ve ever made a drone map, you know how it goes: you plan a mission, fly and capture imagery, head back to the office to upload the data on your computer, and wait hours while your drone map processes.

With Live Map, you get the data you need immediately — without a laptop or internet connection. Just plan a flight, take off, and see maps render on-screen during flight. That’s it. And once your drone completes its flight, all data syncs to the cloud for sharing and collaboration.

See The Unseeable with Thermal Live Map

  • Identify areas of interest and take immediate action as your drone flies
  • Visualize temperature range variability and generate thermal maps over large areas
  • Share thermal maps with your team. No internet required
  • Requires a 640x512 DJI XT or XTR flown with M200 or M210 and iPhone 7 and above

  • Enter Live Map (Video)

    Live Map Thermal (Video)

    Real-time Data for Real-time Decisions

    Live Map turns hundreds of hectares into consumable maps without the need to go back to the office. Get accurate aerial views of your job site, field, or project faster than ever before.

    For farmers: Get an instant birds-eye-view of crops, analyze plant health from your tailgate, and immediately ground truth any findings. For engineers: Monitor the progress of your job site by keeping track of earthwork, equipment, and structures in real-time. For emergency responders: Get an rapid insight into accident scene at the time of investigation.

    Get Aerial Awareness When it Matters Most

    Live Maps aren’t just for growers and builders. They can impact any workflow that requires instant aerial insights. First responders can leverage a Live Map to get a better view of an emergency situation or to locate missing persons.

    Relief workers can use a Live Map in incidence response to assess damage and coordinate disaster relief.

    Environmental scientists can create a Live Map to document conservation efforts and monitor change, or detect invasive species.

    The applications of Live Map are endless.

    Compatible with Your Existing Mapping Workflow

    Need to take your analysis one step further? No problem. Live Map works in parallel with your traditional mapping workflow — all while capturing drone imagery for later upload and processing with DroneDeploy.

    Just upload the imagery from your flight to DroneDeploy as you normally would, and create a full-resolution map or 3D model for further analysis using our built-in measurement tools, or leverage our industry-leading App Market and integrations.

    The Future is Now — and Getting Better all the Time

    Live Map is the future of mapping. It’s mobile, real-time, and operates entirely on the go. As drones and devices continue to improve, Live Map will evolve to enable even faster, higher quality mapping and analysis for any terrain.

    No matter how you decide to put Live Map to use, we know you’ll be impressed by the quality and accuracy of your real-time aerial data.

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